Cash In Transit (CIT)

Transporting large sums of cash is not without its dangers. Leave it to us to ensure your cash is discretely and safely collected and delivered. From banks, corporate premises, cash centres and ATM points, we understand the dangers and risk across all. You can be assured that your cash is the safe and secure hands of Security Mick Protection Services with each collection and drop off.

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Static Guard

It is well known and traditionally proven that constant monitoring ensures early detection and acts as a deterrent from theft, trespassing, vandalism and other accidents. Static security also acts as an additional measure to monitor staff, employees, guests and residents to ensure they are following policy and regulations within the confines of a private property. We’re available to monitor assets, business premises, residential homes and more.

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With the ability to provide full perimeter security, covering larger areas, rapid response, privacy and safety of both residential and commercial properties, security patrols are one of the most essential forms of security. Our team are diligent on patrol, with an acute eye we’re always monitoring whole properties and looking out for potential security risks. Our team are well experienced in handling a variety of emergencies and administrating first aid as required, through constant training and upskilling we’re always improving our own skillset.

We are able to provide full security audits and evaluations for both residential and commercial properties.

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Crowd Control

Public safety and security are paramount at all events regardless of attendance size. That is why we effectively strategise for all events individually, no two events are ever the same. We take into account a large array of factors and potential risks that may occur, ensure that we are vigilant and are prepared should an incident occur. We’re trained to spot out anti-social behaviour before it occurs or escalates, our team are trained to de-escalate situations in a courteous but firm manner.

Your event should run smoothly and with minimal risks. As fully licensed NSW private security contractors, you can be assured that our staff are correctly trained and operating to the highest of standards within NSW.

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Alarm & CCTV